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St. Petersburg
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Success stories

Patient's video reviews after IVF
Patient reviews

We had various medical treatments without any success in our country, so we decided our only option left was to have IVF with an egg donor. To be able to choose the donor by ourselves, based on pictures, in a big European database was very important for us. The staff, receptionists, translators, medical professors were first-class. The clinic helped us to organize all that we required for the travel, which took the stress away and supported us for the time we spent there. The clinic was clean, well-organized, and modern. In conclusion, we had an enjoyable stay in St Petersburg, a warm welcome from the staff of the clinic, and the most important, the success with the pregnancy. So we highly recommend this clinic!

24 January 2022

I'm writing this review with the most precious gift in my arms, my much longed for baby girl, who was born in March of this year, thanks to the wonderful treatment and care that I received from the team at NGC. For the first time during my years of treatments I felt that I was really being listened to and my concerns being addressed. No stone was left unturned! I found the clinic to be impressive and immaculate and so much more modern and advanced than previous clinics I had been treated at in the UK. I fell pregnant that first cycle and was over the moon. I will forever be so very grateful for the care and support received at NGC and I simply can't recommend them enough!

23 May 2022

When we wanted a sibling for our daughter we turned to NGC in St.-Petersburg. Alex from NGC was very helpful in providing us with information, egg donors, pricing and logistics. He set us up with Dr Valentina Denisova who gave us an hour of her time and explained and advised us on the medical possibilities, requirements and procedures of the NGC via video conference. We welcomed our healthy, hungry, noisy son on our 1st try with NGC and recommend them highly. We are very impressed with and are extremely thankful to the NGC doctors, staff and coordinators, their new facilities, the customer care and coordination and of course our all success!

09 September 2022

I couldn't recommend Next Generation Clinic more! The facilities are state-of-the-art and every member of staff has been polite and professional. The communication (in perfect English, as we unfortunately don't speak Russian) has always been prompt and reliable, thanks to fantastic Alex who has been helpful all along. Dr Valentina Denisova and the embryology team have done an excellent job. I got pregnant following the first embryo transfer, we are grateful!

27 September 2022

Firstly I would like to thank Alex and Dr Valentina for the level of care and compassion shown to me throughout our IVF journey. The communication and response time was second to none. Replies within the hour! Dr Valentina was very reassuring when I become anxious or I had any sort of worries/concerns, she always put me at ease answering any questions I may of had. The clinic facilities are very state-of-the-art. Clean, modern just as you see in the pictures on their website. I am currently pregnant with my first frozen transfer. I will be eternally grateful to the team at Next Generation Clinic.

08 November 2022

We are so thankful for everything. This is our 1st IVF, and we are glad it was successful. God bless you all!

17 November 2022

We had directly a good feeling when talking to the international manager of NGC who was very helpful, reliable and fast to answer any question we would have. I gave birth in spring 2022 to a healthy baby. This pregnancy and birth happened thanks to NGC, and we are really grateful to them. We would certainly recommend NGC.

29 November 2022

We travelled from Ireland to have our IVF treatment in 2022, and I am pleased to say that it was a fantastic experience. The team at NGC clinic provided exceptional care and attention. The doctors and staff were all incredibly knowledgeable and supportive throughout the entire process. I felt comfortable and informed at all times. The facilities and equipment at NGC clinic are top-notch, and I felt confident that I was in good hands. Most importantly, the IVF treatment was successful, and I am now expecting a healthy baby. I can't thank the team at NGC clinic enough for their expertise and care.

05 April 2023

Best clinic ever, dreams come true here. If you want to achieve the result at your first attempt, this is where you should go. The doctors were absolutely amazing, Ksenia and Alexander were simply the best. Everyone is always willing to help and answer all your questions. The staff controls everything to make your journey smooth and productive.

I do highly recommend NGC. This is a place where miracles happen. Thanks to the whole team that helped me. I’m forever thankful.

05 April 2023

"All in all, an exceptional experience."
After we had experiences with fertility clinics in three different countries in Europe (two of them in the EU), we chose Next Generation Clinic (NGC) in St. Petersburg, Russia. Our choice was initially based on the fact that they offer a large database of donors. Donors are often already genetically screened, and the process of getting the biological material is significantly easier than in other places.

We were really satisfied with the treatment, and support. The response time is very short and communication is easy, professional and to the point. Whenever we travelled to St. Petersburg, the clinic organized our transportation to and from the airport at their expense and helped us with the best money exchange place. The clinic offered great care and a personalized treatment plan that was well-rooted in the care of the patient in the first place. We are planning to go for a second child since we are currently pregnant with a girl and we are hoping for a boy as well.

21 January 2024

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