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Pharmacy of NGC clinic


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NGC is proposing the lowest price for IVF medication in St.Petersburg, therefore we supply with necessary drugs not only NGC patient's but patient's form other clinics as well. We believe it's better to save on differences in meds cost rather than on your health.

We would also like to inform you that buying medications at NGC pharmacy you get all services regarding injections at our nursing room absolutely for free. You just need to show your prescriptions or patient's card with the prescribed treatment.

To verify the price for medications and it's current availability please check the online price list or contact us in Saint-Petersburg 007-812-244-90-06



Utrogestan, Progesteron 200 mg, 14 capsule

415 P

Crinone, Hrogesteron 8%, 90mg/dose, 15 tube in box

2 400 P

Dufaston, Digidrosterone, 20g, 28 pills

850 P

Proginova, Estradiol, 2 mg, 21 pills

700 P

Divigel, Estradiol, 1%, 1mg, 28 packet

1000 P

Oestrogel, Estradiol,1 tube 80.0

1500 P

Klimara, Estradiol, 3.9 mg, 4 patches 1 boxes

1450 P

Folic acid as metalfolin, 400mg

1150 P

femibion-1, vitamins, 400mg of metafolin

650 P

progesteron, 2.5%, 1ml, 10 ampules

1150 P

tranexam, tranexam acid, 250mg, 30 pills

600 P

Clexane, Enoxiparini natrii, 2000IU (0.2), 10 syringes

1800 P

Clexane, Enoxiparini natrii, 4000IU (0.4), 10 syringes

2900 P


Petrovsky prospect, 2, building 3

Sportivnaya station

Sportivnaya station