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When all attempts to deliver a baby fail, a surrogate motherhood program is available to help women. The NGC clinic helps with selection of surrogate mothers, carries out the IVF procedure, provides prenatal care, and ensures purchasing of necessary medicines.

For those couples who wish to be more confident in the prospects of the successful birth of a long-awaited baby, to get the full range of services - from the search for a surrogate mother to the registration of a birth certificate, the NGC clinic is recommending our reliable partner – the reproduction agency SPARTa. The clinic itself will first of all to help you to decide whether you wish to enter into a program of surrogate motherhood.


Surrogate motherhood has been successfully used for over 20 years by women who cannot deliver a baby for various reasons. The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation has identified six reasons for indications to surrogate motherhood for patients:

  • ametria (habitual or acquired);
  •         deformation of uterine cavity or cervix at congenital malformations or due to diseases;
  •         endometrial pathology (adhesions, obliteration of an uterus, endometrial atrophy);
  •         diseases (states) included in the list of contraindications;
  •         unsuccessful repeated attempts of IVF (3 and more) in case of repeated withdrawal of good quality embryos, the transfer of which does not lead to the onset of pregnancy;
  •         habitual miscarriage (3 or more spontaneous abortions in anamnesis).

This list is full and complete, and the presence of other reasons and justifications for entry into the surrogate motherhood programs in the NGC clinic are not taken into account. The whim of a patient is not the basis for rejection of self-pregnancy and childbirth.


Surrogate motherhood is an assisted reproduction method, where a specially prepared woman carries a child who is genetically not her own. Embryos obtained from parents’ oocytes and sperm are placed into a uterine cavity and carried by the surrogate mother in the usual way. Surrogate motherhood is a physiologically, psychologically, and legally complicated process.

Surrogate motherhood is legal on the territory of the Russian Federation. We provide all opportunities to comply with the requirements of the relevant legislation. 

Surrogate mother

Not every woman is capable of being a surrogate mother. She needs to be a mentally and physically mature person, healthy by all parameters, according to the requirements for future expectant mothers of the NGC clinic. The age of a surrogate mother may not be less than 20, and more than 35 years old, she shall have one or more of own children. Also, we focus on the fact that she shall not have a caesarean section in her medical history, and her blood shall be of rh rhesus to avoid conflict.

However, if parents have negative rh, a woman with rh-negative is selected. A final decision is taken not by a female patient, but by a fertility specialist based on medical history collection and analysis.

Preparation of a surrogate mother

Preparation of a surrogate mother begins with her examination. Details can be found by clicking this link. Secondly, it is required to synchronize menstrual cycles of genetic and surrogate mothers. This is done by using hormonal contraceptives. Then, the endometrium of a future surrogate mother is prepared for embryo adoption from biological parents. Hormone replacement medication administered by a doctor-fertility specialist shall simulate one phase of a menstrual cycle. After a puncture of a genetic mother, the next day a surrogate mother begins to take medications that simulate the second phase of a menstrual cycle. Then at a day appointed by a doctor embryo is transferred.

The clinic is exercising complete control over the entire process, carefully paying attention to a health of a surrogate mother during pregnancy, as she is lacking corpus luteum, the chance of bleeding is 70-80%. Specialists of the clinic promptly respond to such events, which in most cases helps to save a foetus. We also provide preparation and the process of embryo transfer itself, preparation of documents for legal support, and carry out a comprehensive examination at each stage of pregnancy.

Our clinic includes world class doctors with a high level of success in IVF, and has extensive experience in carrying out such programs, guaranteeing that a high percentage of pregnancies end positively. Details can be found during a consultation of a doctor-fertility specialist.



  • Video (skype) consultation with manager
  • Individual treatment plan
  • One year embryo freezing
  • All necessary travel support
  • Two aiport transfers
  • Support and care after home returning via phone or skype

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All included surrogacy program

matching program
deep medical examination
complete medical care until childbirth
full legal support
consultation of necessary specialist
fee payments to surrogate mother
accomodation of surrogate mother
psychological support
personal coordinator for 24/7
prenatal care
childbirth in hospital
preparation of documents to Embassy
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