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Advanced fertility and genetics clinic


Experienced fertility specialists, embryologists and geneticists

NGC is proud of its’ Team: The fertility specialists, embryologists and geneticists own MD-PhD degrees, were trained in the best European and American facilities, and are members of ESHRHE, ASRM and other professional societies.

All types of infertility treatment programs

IVF with own eggs, donor egg and donor sperm IVF, embryo adoption, social egg freezing and surrogacy are available to patients. NGC also helps transport all types of biomaterial from abroad.

Modern IVF science and infertility treatment

The latest developments in prenatal diagnostics and genetic screenings are embodied

The 6 years of holistic approach towards infertility treatment

has resulted in the launch of

In Vitro Maturation (IVM)

In Vitro Maturation (IVM)

since 2019 (first clinic in Russia)
Male infertility factor

Male infertility factor

PESA, MESA, TESA, TESE, micro-TESE, as well as Single Sperm Freezing, are provided to couples suffering from male infertility factor
Embryology lab

Embryology lab

NGC once again became a pioneering clinic, designing the all-new Embryology unit in aseptic glass
Гинеколог против репродуктолога

Carrier screening

The fact that NGC actually owns a genetic lab allows prompt donor and patient genetic screening, and leading PGT-a delivery term.

NextGen21 – a proprietary genetic panel composed to rule out the most crucial genetic hereditary diseases - is a source of special pride at NGC.


The list of innovations can be continued.

In 2020, RI Witness (patients’ biomaterial tracking system) was successfully implemented, and the renowned Time-Lapse embryo incubators have replaced the previous gen machines, ensuring the best patient embryo development rate.
Недостатки лечения

Egg donation

The clinic has a special focus on efficient and affordable fresh egg donation packages.

NGC’s database of genetically screened egg and sperm donors is the biggest currently available in Russia.


Egg donor database

The list consists of more than 450 egg and sperm donors, and it grows each day.

With credible donor profiles and easy-to-use search across the database, availability of adult pictures and timely online coordination, the choosing process is easier than ever.


English- and Chinese-speaking coordinators provide careful support to each patient, ensuring that the timeline is met each time, and that every potential patient problem is properly addressed. Visa support is always possible to be received from the clinic, in case if it there is no chance to use tourist visas.
The airport transfers are free of charge for every foreign patient. NGC’s own modern and cozy apartments can be booked at a reduced price.

NGC is the clinic that will help you leave all the treatment-related worries behind and feel genuinely cared for.

All Services

NGC embodies the achievements of modern science, world experience in the treatment of both female and male infertilityя

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    Petrovsky prospect, 2, building 3
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