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Medical director
Kornilov<br /><span>Nikolay</span>
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Medical director

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Medical director

Participation in meta-analyses, publications in the Reproductive Medicine Guidelines
Keeps the largest Home Library of Foreign Literature dedicated to reproduction
Participation in the annual professional running race. Marathon racer
Practicing medicine in several generations. Parents: mother – rheumatologist (conservative profession), fatherHead of the Experimental Department in the Scientific Research Institute (experimental profession)
Member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) since 2004
Member of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) since 1998.
Active continuous participation in the international conferences (ASRM, ESHRE). Active supporter of practical implementation of the Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) in Russia (since 1998).


publications, speeches, lectures, presentations at the international and Russian conferences

1st Leningrad Medical Institute named after Acad. I.P. Pavlov
Clinical Residency in GIDUV (State Institute of Advanced Training of Medical Doctors) St. Petersburg in Obstetrics and Gynecology
Postgraduate Studies in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology №2 , St. Petersburg MAPO (Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education)
Passed Training & Internship Programs in Cambridge, UK
Passed Internship Program in the Hospital of Tampere, Finland
Passed Internship Program at workplace in clinic "IVI-Valencia", Spain
1994 - 1996
Maternity Hospital named after prof. Snegirev, St. Petersburg
1995 - 1997
Department of Operative Gynecology, GMB (City Multifield Hospital) №2, St. Petersburg
1996 - 2015
staff specialist for "AVA-Peter" Clinic, St. Petersburg
2015 -
founder, ownner, REI and president net of 6th clinics «NGC»
1998 - 2008
Lecturer for the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology №2, St. Petersburg MAPO (Institute of Advanced Training of Medical Doctors), Department of Reproductive Health of SPb MAPO
Expert representing Russia in the International Scientific Council "Serono"
2004 - 2006
Member of the Board of RAHR (Russian Association of Human Reproduction)
1999 - 2022
Honorar lector for MERK, Ferring, Cupper Surgeon, Bezen, Organon, MSD Lector activity about 70 per year
Most intense experience in ART programs in Russia. Annual activities: ~ Over 700 cycles of IVF, IVF-ICSI, AF and SM; ~ Over 150 cycles of AI and ovulation induction; ~ Over 300 cycles of ET after cryopreservation.
There are thousands of children born after ART since 1996. There first ART children are studying in universities.
One of the first successful surrogate maternity programs in Russia (the surrogate mother's pregnancy of 1997). Each month, 10-20 surrogate maternity programs are implemented. Most intense experience in surrogate maternity.
First birth after IVF-ICSI program in 1998.
First birth under the program ECO-ICSI ТЕСА (testicular biopsy) in 1998
First pregnancies after cryopreservation in the ET programs (1997) (88 cycles implemented within a year in the Russian Federation in 1998, - nearly all were done in AVA-PETER)
Pioneer (1999) of limitation of transferred embryos (not more than two) (in the Russian Federation in 1999, 44.3% cases of 4 or more embryos transfer into uterus cavity).
Was the first in the Russian Federation, to apply stimulation in IVF recombinant FSH (1996; Report in Sydney, Australia - 1999).
Was the first to introduce practical selective transfer of only one embryo in Russia (eSET) - 2001. Active supporter and promoter of eSET. The most common practice in Russia in eSET (over 40%). Practice in eSET after implementation of the cryopreservation programs.
First pregnancy in Russia (2000) and the greatest experience in the protocols with GnRH antagonists.
Established and practice the scheme to prevent spontaneous LH peak by antiestrogens (clomiphene citrate) for programs up to see, protocols without PE, PGD with PHS (CGH) (2002). Significant cost reduction in patients programs. Report in Lausanne. The scheme has given rise to "Japanese" and "Shanghai" protocol.
The introduction and spread in Russia trigger GnRH agonists in the protocols with antagonists and antiestrogens for AF, SM etc., Preventing OHSS. Proposed to use only 0.1 mg Triptorelin (world prevalence rate- 0.2). Report in Prague, Paris (2001).
Offered the prevention scheme (almost 100%) of OHSS during stimulation for IVF (2012).
A scheme of HRT (substitutive hormonotherapy) for ET, developed specific methods including vaginal administering of estrogens (2001).
Developed and practice scheme to abolish pregnancy drug support after IVF (2003).
Offered the scheme in AF programs with antiestrogens and trigger of a-GnRH (2002). Intensive practical implementation of AF programs and active participation in creation, promotion of the vitrified donor oocytes bank.
Creation and practical implementation of the scheme to stimulate with GnRH antagonists 2-3 days prior to MC for patients with reduced ovarian reserve ("semi-long protocol" or "semi-long") - 2010.
Established and practiced the scheme of preparation for ET after cryopreservation (+ AF and AE) in the natural cycle (based on only 6-d. application of Utrogestan, reaching the sufficient size of endometrium and follicle in the natural cycle, excluding the ovulation time) - 2011.
The first pregnancy in Russia after Federation (2000) after IVF and PGS (preimplantation genetic screening).
The first pregnancy in Russia after PGS with a complete chromosome screening (CCS) of embryos - aCGH (2012). Developed the optimal scheme to stimulate and the scheme of preparation for deferred ET for PGS programs - complete chromosome screening.
Developed and implemented the programs of oocytes "banking" and embryos for highly-reduced ovarian reserve and CCS in 2013.
Development of the PGS-CCS programs without application of IVF, since 2014.
One of the first in world and first in postsoviet countries implemented NGS for PGT-A (2015)
Most intensive IVM experience in world and one of the first pregnancy in world IVM for resistant ovary (2017)
Developed and implemented the programs with niPGT-A(2020)
Developed and implemented the oncofertylity programs in St.Petersburg 2017-2022
Create the most modern in world and one of the biggest in Russia reproductive and genetic net clinics «NGC» (Next Generation Clinic)


Neonatal and clinical outcomes after transfer of a mosaic embryo identifed by preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidies

RBMO 2022 in press

Pavel Yakovlev 1,*, Svetlana Vyatkina 2, Alex Polyakov 3,4, Marina Pavlova 2, Victor Volkomorov 2, Maksim Yakovlev 1, Sergey Filimonov 1, Liya Kazaryn 1, Asia Aizikovich 1, Nikolay Kornilov 1,2

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MPS-based preconception carrier screening: development, verification and user experience

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Updated meta-analysis of recombinant follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) versus urinary FSH for ovarian stimulation in assisted reproduction Salim Daya

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The protocol for prvention LH surge in COS oocyte donor cycle by clomiphene vs GnRH analogues: a cpss-over design trial

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Comparison of four different gonadotropins for ovarian stimulation in IVF treatment.

11th World Congress on In vitro Fertilization and Human Reproductive Genetics. Monduzzi, Bologna, Italy, 379–383pp. (1999)

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