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Embryo adoption

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How do we get donor embryos

Our clinic has its own large database of donors, both for egg and sperm donors. When we stimulate an egg donor, part of her oocytes are fertilized with the cryopreserved sperm of a donor. This is then cultivated for up to 5 days and frozen in the form of donor biomaterials. This way, we store materials obtained from donors only. We provide our patients with information about our donors’ physical appearance, eye colour, hair, blood type, race, nationality.

The law allows the use of donation of embryos which were left over after IVF treatment if the patients no longer need them, after receiving written consent of both partners.

What are the benefits of these programs?

Embryo donation is often considered by infertile couples as an alternative to adoption. In European countries, embryo donation is often referred to as "adoption" because it is seen as a new means of adopting a child in the age of modern reproductive technology. When our patients receive successful IVF treatment, the leftover material can be transferred to our clinic and be used for egg donation to assist other couples who may face difficulty in conceiving. This technique is widely advertised and encouraged in many Western countries, where such procedures are allowed. In this case, the genetic donors have agreed to give up their rights for the biomaterials, do not receive any refunds or discounts on their IVF treatment – it is an act of good will on their part, and the desire to give joy and help other people struggling with infertility.

Embryo donation can be a way for married couples to overcome infertility, or in situations when a woman’s ovaries do not allow her to conceive or carry a child. In this case the use of embryo donation may be required.

Embryo donation may assist you under the following circumstances:

  • you or your partner are not able to produce egg cells or healthy sperm on your own;
  • the woman has a lack of egg cells;
  • high risk of hereditary disease;
  • after three of more IVF attempts, poor quality embryos were obtained which did not result in a pregnancy.

IVF with donated embryos

Our IVF programes are taken forward with donated embryos. At this stage, one or two embryos are transferred into the woman’s uterus. Each of these has a chance to successfully gain a foothold on the endometrium and continue its development.

If woman has no menstrual cycle, she is assigned a course of hormone replacement therapy. This will prepare the woman's body for pregnancy and make it possible for the donor embryo to fix itself to the inner surface of the uterus.

What are the prices for embryo donation program?

Donation is also the most economical option. The price for donor's embryos depends from was PGD/PGS screening be done or not.

When compared to the cost of other programs with the donation of egg cells and sperm, this option offers a real opportunity for infertile couples to become parents.

We invite all genetic parents, who have already had a successful pregnancy, to help other people feel the happiness of parenthood, transferring their remaining biomaterial to the clinic!

Let us participate together in the process of creating a new generation with the NEXT GENERATION CLINIC!

Our ultimate goal is a healthy baby in your arms.

We are also offering the following services which are free to all our patients:

  • Video (Skype) consultation with your consultant not only during the treatment but also for the first three months of pregnancy.
  • One year storage of unused frozen embryos
  • Individual treatment plan
  • Support in travel arrangements. Two free of charge airport transfers.
  • Support and care after returning home via phone or Skype
Frozen embryo adoption2.390 €
INCLUDED: 1 donor embryo from the database, thawing and embryo transfer
Embryo adoption after PGT-a3.850 €
INCLUDED: 1 genetically screened donor embryo (PGT-a) from the database, thawing and embryo transfer
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