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PRP-therapy prior IVF Treatment

Solve the problem of endometrium growth

Young ladies that visit NGC clinic often wonder why the presence of high-quality blastocysts does not guarantee successful pregnancy. At the same time, female patients might encounter problems with folliculogenesis or follicular development when the low level of sex hormones prevents the maturation of follicles as well as the capacity to release egg cells. Consequently, poor quality follicles stay in the ovaries.


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    What is the action plan?

    Unfortunately, the issue is widely-recognized among patients and it is of high importance to find the solution in the shortest term possible, because the quality of an endometrium and embryos are the key factors for the plausible outcome of IVF therapy. Speaking about the nature of embryos, these organisms do not follow any pattern of behaviour, therefore it is almost impossible to make any predictions about their future. The ultimate task of the fertility specialist is to create an opportunity for embryo to grow outside the uterus with the help of empirical methods, such as development tracking, carrying out genetic tests, interpretation of findings and estimation of implantation probability rate.

    Researchers have been paying attention to the behaviour of embryos for a while. In order to allow embryo implantation under IVF procedure an endometrium has to be consistent (ultrasound is required), its thickness should be not less than 7 millimeter on the day of ovulation trigger or on the day of the beginning of progysteron intake during hormone replacement therapy. The failure to consider these measures affects the potential of positive pregnancy while being an indicator for the temporary cancellation of IVF cycle.

    How to rehabilitate endometrium

    • High doses of estrogen
    • Anti-inflammatory therapy
    • Anticoagulation therapy
    • Acupuncture etc.

    Modern technologies

    The adoption of modern technologies has brought alternative solutions to the issue of endometrium growth. In particular, one of the currently exercised treatment methods is intrauterine platelet-rich Plasma Infusion (PRP). It was introduced in 2015 by Chang

    PRP is a blood plasma of the patient with a greater amount of trombocytes. In a normal condition, 1 microlitre of blood contains about 300.000 platelets. By contrast, trombocyte-enhanced blood plasma involves 1.5 mln/ microlitre. Platelet-rich plasma includes several growth factors (Vascular endothelial growth factor, Epidermal growth factor, transforming growth factor beta, etc.) In regard to patient-own plasma, nor does it prone to allergic reactions, nor does it require matching analysis.

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